Washington Square

Named in honor of war General and first US President, George Washington, and once the site of Trustees’ Garden, Washington Square and Washington Ward were designed and built in 1790. Washington Square was one of several brand new squares born quickly after the American Revolution. A plaque is located in the square in honor of the Washington Fire Company No. 9 who served for 28 years.

Home to the popular “Rainbow Row”, you can see some of Savannah’s oldest and loveliest houses on Washington Square in the historic district. The International Seamen’s House which later became known as the Mulberry Inn, is now the modern and chic Kimpton Brice Hotel.

George Washington and his visit to Savannah

The first President of the United States, George Washington, made an official visit to Savannah in 1791. Lachlan McIntosh, who bravely fought in the Battle of Savannah, proudly served the president as his official tour guide. Washington stayed in the home of George Walton, one of three Georgian men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

While in Savannah, George Washington was a frequent patron of Brown’s Coffeehouse, attended a special gala in his honor at the Filature House (home of the Georgia Society of the Cincinnati), attended services at Christ Church (the first Anglican/Episcopal church in Georgia), and attended more than a hundred toasts and tributes. His final stop on the tour was Mulberry Grove Plantation, home of Catherine Greene, the widow of the late General Nathanael Greene.

Upon the President’s return to Washington, he sent two cannons to Savannah and the Chatham Artillery as a gift. After being captured by patriots and later buried beneath the armory for protection during the Civil War, the bronze guns known as “George and Martha” were proudly displayed on Bay Street in Savannah where they can be seen today.

Rainbow Row and Washington Square today

Just off Washington Square resides “Rainbow Row”, an assortment of brightly colored old Savannah style homes one block from popular River Street in the Historic District. The Italianate-style row homes showcase Victorian era details, lush courtyards, and color schemes suitable for old Savannah culture.

Walking distance to the Olde Pink House and the haunted Pirates House restaurant and Tavern, we are sure Washington Square and Rainbow Row will be a highlight of your stay in Savannah!

Where is Washington Square?

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