Columbia Square

One of our personal favorites Squares in Savannah, Columbia Square offers a great look back into Savannah's past. Whether you are looking for historic homes, beautiful scenery or a place in which many significant events took place, Columbia Square will give you what you are looking for.

Columbia Square, located on Habersham Street, between State and York Streets, was named after Columbia, the poetic personification of America. (Think District of Columbia and many more). Columbia Square dates all the way back to 1799.

Attractions on Columbia Square

The Davenport House, on Columbia Square

The Davenport House

Savannah's Historic Homes

The Davenport House on Columbia Square can make the claim as being that house that started the restoration movement in the historic district of Savannah. This house was originally built in 1820 forĀ Isaiah Davenport and his family.

In 1955 the Davenport House was being threatened with demolition. A group of women from Savannah came together and raised the money to purchase the Davenport House and protect it from demolition. This was the first act of the Historic Savannah Foundation. The history of the Davenport House is very interesting.

The Kehoe House, one of the historic hotels on Columbia Square

The Kehoe House

Savannah's Historic Hotels

The Kehoe House was built in 1893 for William Kehoe on Columbia Square. Today, the Kehoe House is an impressive and well regarded bed and breakfast in Savannah. Even if you are not interested in staying at the Kehoe House, the grandness of the house makes it a 'must-see' home in the historic district of Savannah.

In addition to being a wonderful house on Columbia Square, the Kehoe House is also reported to be one of the more haunted homes in Savannah.

The Wormsloe Fountain, on Columbia Square

The Wormsloe Fountain

Savannah's Fountains

In the center of Columbia Square you will find the Wormsloe Fountain. It is a rather unique fountain. Get close to it and check out the detail in the base of the fountain. You will find many nods to nature in the base of it.

This fountain is called the Wormsloe Fountain because it was originally at the Wormsloe Plantation. Wormsloe is famous today for its beautiful lane, lined with old growth oaks. "Back in the day" Wormsloe was the estate of one of Savannah's first settlers, Noble Jones.

The fountain was brought to Columbia Square in 1970 to honorĀ Augusta and Wymberly DeRenne, who were descendants of Mr. Jones.

Where is Columbia Square?

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