Pulaski Square

Pulaski Square’s picturesque live oak trees and thick ivy ground cover give it a small park-like atmosphere. Designed and laid out in 1837 and named after Count Casimir Pulaski of Poland, Pulaski Square is located at Barnard and Macon Streets and is one of only a handful of squares with no monument inside.

Count Casimir Pulaski


Count Casimir Pulaski of Poland was a high ranking foreign officer during the American Revolution. Benjamin Franklin, whom he met while in Paris, convinced him to fight alongside the French in America and he died a hero in the Siege of Savannah in 1779. Casimir is memorialized by a bronze monument in Monterey Square that was erected in 1855, as well as a town and county in Georgia with his namesake.

Savannah-style Homes and Gardens

Pulaski Square is surrounded by many historic Savannah-style homes, including that of Confederate hero Francis S. Bartow. At one time, the Georgia grey bricks used to build the paired houses were worth more than the homes themselves and the land they stood on. Paired and row houses of Italian and Greek Revival-style line the streets along Pulaski Square. Ranging from two-four stories tall, these homes were originally built in the early 1800s and referred to as “Savannah-style.”

Pulaski Square today

The B Historic Savannah hotel is within walking distance of Pulaski Square. Noble Fare, Crystal Beer Parlor, and Savannah Coffee Roasters are great places to dine, meet with your friends, and sit down for a cup-o-joe.

Where is Pulaski Square?

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