Historic Cemeteries in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia, is home to many historic cemeteries and burial grounds. If you're coming to Savannah looking to discover the history of our beautiful city, a cemetery or two is probably on your list of places to visit. And you'll be in luck!

Savannah's historic cemeteries are unmatched when it comes to beautiful. From the famous Bonaventure Cemetery, to the lesser known but equally beautiful Laurel Grove Cemetery, we assure you that you'll find many spots where you'll want to pull out your camera. And when it comes to old cemeteries, Savannah is home to Colonial Park Cemetery, dating all the way back to the 1700's.

One of the famous graves at Bonaventure Cemetery, a famous cemetery popular with tour companies.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Just a few miles east of Savannah’s historic district, sits 160 acres of one of America’s most hauntingly beautiful cemeteries, Bonaventure Cemetery, a stunning example of a Southern Victorian Cemetery. Bonaventure Cemetery is almost certainly the most popular historic cemetery with visitors to Savannah.

A row of tombs inside of Colonial Park Cemetery, one of Savannah's historic cemeteries.

Colonial Park Cemetery

When you are spending time exploring the Historic District of Savannah Georgia you will almost certainly spend some time inside of Colonial Park Cemetery. Many people visit Colonial Park every day. Today, the Cemetery is a striking feature in the Historic District. Its tall wrought iron fences surround hundreds of gravestones, but over 10,000 graves.

Laurel Grove Cemetery, one of the largest of Savannah's historic cemeteries.

Laurel Grove Cemetery

Other cemeteries in Savannah, like Bonaventure Cemetery, may get more attention, and we guarantee more visitors, but few of them can match Laurel Grove in its variety of statues and grave markers. Its famous ‘big brother’, Bonaventure Cemetery, is mostly family plots. While Laurel Grove does have some family plots, it is mostly individual graves.

A row of gravestones inside of the Jewish Burial Grounds in Savannah, Georgia

Jewish Burial Grounds

One of the least visited and mostly forgotten burial grounds in Savannah is the Jewish Burial Grounds. We set out to find out as much as we could about these historic burial grounds - and ended up uncovering a lot of intriguing history that we're certain you'll love.

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