The Mercer-Williams House in Savannah Georgia

The Mercer Williams House sits on Monterey Square in historic Savannah. This home was made famous by the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Book

Thanks to the 1994 book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, the Mercer-Williams House has become one of those 'must-see' attractions for many people coming to Savannah. Even before the book came out the Mercer-Williams House was a beautiful fixture on Monterey Square.

The Mercer-Williams House has an interesting history, even without being featured in the book. Today the house can be toured on most days. For more information about taking a tour of the Mercer-Williams House, visit their website.

History of the Mercer Williams House

The story of the Mercer Williams House started all the way back in 1860. The country was in turmoil, on the brink of Civil War. The house was constructed for Hugh Weedon Mercer, a General who joined the Confederate Army. Construction on the house was postponed because of the Civil War. It was finally completed in 1868, after much delay. The architect behind the house was John S. Norris. Norris was quite the 'go-to' guy back then. He was also commissioned for the Green-Meldrim House, the Unitarian Church, and Andrew Low House, all in Savannah. He even designed lighthouses for Savannah and Cockspur. Once the house was completed it was owned by John Wilder, who paid for the completion of the Mercer Williams House.

For much of the early 1900s, the Mercer Williams House was used as the Savannah Shriners Alee Temple. Many parties were held in this house over those years.

In 1969 Jim Williams bought the house and restored it. Williams was a noted antiquities dealer. He also enjoyed restoring old homes, the Mercer Williams House being one of them. It was in this house the Jim Williams fatally shot Danny Hansford in 1983. Williams was tried three times, finally being found innocent of all crimes. Williams died in the house, in the same room where he shot Hansford. This story is the main story behind the famous book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Visiting the Mercer Williams House

Today, the Mercer Williams House offers tours of this historic home. Behind the main house is the Carriage house. You can shop for souvenirs and purchase tour tickets inside of the carriage house. For more information on tour tickets and visiting the Mercer Williams House please visit their website or call them. Information is provided to the right.

Directions to the Mercer Williams House

The Mercer Williams House is located at 429 Bull Street here in historic Savannah Georgia. It sits on the southwest corner of Monterey Square, just a block away from Forsyth Park. There is on-street parking in the area of the Mercer Williams House.

Mercer Williams House Info
Address: 429 Bull Street, Savannah Georgia, 31401 Telephone: 912-238-0208 Website: The Mercer Williams House Website Hours: Tours are at 10:30 am Price: Adults $12.50 | Students $8.00

Where is the Mercer-Williams House?

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