The Green-Meldrim House

The Green-Meldrim House, located on Madison Square, is a very historically significant house in Savannah. Today, the Green-Meldrim House is open to historic house tours

The Green-Meldrim House, on Madison Square, is one of the most beautiful homes in all of Savannah. Built in the mid-1800’s for Charles Green, the Green-Meldrim House is one of the best examples of Gothic Revival architecture anywhere in the country.

During the Civil war, General William Sherman made his way to Savannah blazing a path of destruction the south still doesn’t seem to have forgotten about. When he finally made his way to Savannah, Charles Green offered the use of the Green-Meldrim House to Sherman as his headquarters. His plan was to do whatever he could to try and help spare his home, and the city, from destruction at the Union’s hands. Well, it seems that his plan worked as the home and a lot of Savannah’s historic homes still stand today.

Today, tours are given at the Green-Meldrim House. The church next door, St. John’s Episcopal, purchased the house in the 1940’s and uses part of the home as its rectory.

This photograph is taken from the side yard looking towards the side of the home. St. Johns Episcopal Church would be to my back. The Green-Meldrim House is a beautiful home and should be on the ‘to-see’ list of anyone visiting Savannah. Also, in the Middle of Madison Square is the Statue to Sgt. Jasper.

Where is the Green-Meldrim House?

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