The Davenport House

The Davenport House in Savannah, is one of the most historically significant houses in the Historic District. Today you can buy tickets to visit the Davenport House on one of their tours

The Davenport House must be regarded as one of the most important homes in the Historic District, and if not, then it was surely the catalyst that started a movement and saved hundreds of other buildings, homes and mansions in the Historic District. It was the Davenport House, that rallied the women that ultimately formed the Historic Savannah Foundation in 1955. The Davenport House was being ready for demolition…to make a parking lot! Luckily, with only hours to spare, the women were able to gather the funds to purchase the home and save it from the destructive nature of men…and lost to history.

Today, the Davenport House operates as a museum. You can explore the house with a guide who will show you the areas of the house worth noting, the history of the home and the families that have lived there…all the way back to Isaiah Davenport himself in 1820. Please visit their website for tour information.

Columbia Square is a great Square to visit and should be on the list of ‘must visit’ places for anyone visiting Savannah. Not only is the Davenport House on Columbia Square but so is the wonderful Kehoe House.

Where is the Davenport House?

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