Laurel Grove Cemetery

One of the most historic cemeteries in Savannah is Laurel Grove Cemetery. Divided in two parts, this is one 'must see' location for history buffs visiting Savannah

Laurel Grove Cemetery, in Savannah Georgia, is one of the most beautiful cemeteries you could ever visit. In a city like Savannah where there is a cemetery on every street corner, Laurel Grove Cemetery really stands out.

Other cemeteries in Savannah, like Bonaventure Cemetery, may get more attention, and I guarantee more visitors, but few of them can match Laurel Grove in its variety of statues and grave markers. Its famous ‘big brother’, Bonaventure Cemetery, is mostly family plots. While Laurel Grove does have some family plots, it is mostly individual graves.

If you are looking for a cool place in Savannah to spend a few hours taking photographs, head on over to Laurel Grove Cemetery. It has all of the character and beauty of the other cemeteries, but without the crowds and tourists.

The Louisa Porter Gravesite

The Louisa Porter Angel in Laurel Grove Cemetery

This particular monument (statue?), above, is the grave marker for Louisa Porter, of Savannah Georgia. She passed way back in 1888. I tried to find information about her online, but couldn’t find much. If anyone else can find something please feel free to link to it in the comments below.

This particular monument was carved with the name by A. Caniparoli and the the word Carrara. Well, from what I was able to find online, A Caniparoli was a famous sculptor from Italy. His work was exhibited all over the world. The word Carrara comes from the mountain range from which the marble was mined from.

The Silence Monument

The Silence Monument Statue in Laurel Grove Cemetery

The specific monument is the Silence Monument located in the area of the cemetery dedicated to Confederate soliders from the Civil War. Its inscription talks about the men of Gettysburg, but actually only about 10% of the graves here are from Gettysburg casualties.

Where is Laurel Grove Cemetery?

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