The Graham Family Tomb in Colonial Park Cemetery

You'll find this historic tomb at the north end of Colonial Park Cemetery

One of America's great heroes is buried here in Savannah. We have the great honor to be the final resting place for Major General Nathanael Greene, second in command during the American Revolutionary War. Today he is laid to rest underneath the monument dedicated to him in Johnson Square. His son, Georgie Washington Greene is buried next to him. However, in typical Savannah style, the true story about how he came to rest underneath his monument is stranger than fiction.

You see, before Major General Greene's body was buried underneath the monument dedicated to him his body was lost. Yep, lost. Nobody was able to find it. It seems that Savannah has a reputation for losing bodies or performing otherwise careless burials. For over 100 years his body remained in the Graham Family Vault in Colonial Park Cemetery. Only through careful research and inspection was it determined that the body in the Graham Family Vault was indeed the body of Nathanael Greene.

Nathanael Greene was reinterred underneath the Monument which has his name in 1902.

Greene died of heat stroke on his plantation, the Mulberry Grove, just west of Savannah on the banks of the Savannah River.

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