Things to do in New Orleans and the French Quarter

Are you looking for things to do on your next trip to New Orleans? Here at Galliventer we help tourists find fun and interesting things to do in New Orleans and the French Quarter.

When you're visiting New Orleans you are almost certainly looking for things to do. Not only does Gallivanter provide great tours in New Orleans, we also put together this guide to help you find some of New Orleans most historical things to do.

St. Louis Cemetery Number One

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

The oldest and most historic cemetery in New Orleans, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is the final resting place of many famous people from New Orleans history.

Because of vandalism and decaying tombs, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 can only be visited as part of a tour group - but it is still worth the visit.

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Jackson Square

Jackson Square

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, Jackson Square is visiting by most tourists coming to New Orleans. And for good reason.

You'll find the monument to Andrew Jackson, along with other historic buildings surrounding Jackson Square.

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Whitney Plantation

Whitney Plantation

When it comes to Plantation tours near New Orleans, visiting Whitney Plantation is a unique experience that should be experienced by all.

Telling the story of slavery in Louisiana, Whitney Plantation is a sobering reminder of a time in American history where people where chained up and treated as property.

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The Garden District

The Garden District

One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in all of America, the Garden District is home to many famous residences and unique architecture.

In additional to the homes, the Garden District has also been home to many interesting characters in New Orleans' history.

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The French Quarter

The French Quarter

Almost everyone visiting New Orleans spends some time in the French Quarter. Without a doubt, it is the most visited neighborhood in all of New Orleans.

While Bourbon Street may draw the most people to the French Quarter, there is much more to this historic area than just alcohol and strip clubs.

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Lafayette Cemetery

Lafayette Cemetery

Located in the heart of the Garden District, Lafayette Cemetery has a unique history and charm. Not as large as other cemeteries, Lafayette makes up for it in character.

On any given day you can find many tourists and tour groups in Lafayette Cemetery. Allow us to show you the real history of this cemetery.

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Metairie Cemetery

Metairie Cemetery

The largest of New Orleans' Cemeteries, Metairie Cemetery is home to many famous New Orleanians and impressive tombs.

For Civil War buffs, the Metairie Cemetery is the final resting place of many Generals and other important people from the Civil War.

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